North 49

The new single from Goldschatz
elease date: Friday, April 12, 2019
Video to Be Released

If you listen carefully to Goldschatz’s latest single, you can hear the rattle of a railroad car and the crackle of a campfire. The song “North 49” takes us back to the time when tens of thousands of immigrants flocked to Northern Canada. It was there, in the area around the Klondike River, where the last big gold rush took place. The journey was full of hardship; not everyone returned.

The duo Goldschatz tells of an adventurer who leaves everything behind to head north in pursuit of the golden promise. The song is about striking out and the challenges that life poses. Goldschatz gets to the heart of these themes in the form of mature, well thought-out Americana roots country. In addition to the two-part singing, a steady rhythm drives the song forward. It’s music that can be likened to a road trip through the endless plains of Canada and Alaska.

The Zürich duo with Canadian-Swiss roots presents its second single: North 49. It is another glimpse into the upcoming album Salt of the Sea, which will be released this year. The first single, “Thick as Thieves,” made the rounds on radio stations in Switzerland, Germany, and Canada. Goldschatz was a special guest on the Country Special on SRF 1 (a German-language Swiss television channel), played concerts throughout Switzerland, and received coverage from music blogs in the USA, France, and England. The release of the latest single will also be celebrated in a live setting. Goldschatz will playing on various Swiss stages soon.